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I encourage everyone to have at least one home business.  With our economy the way it is, it can supplement the family income and helps moms stay at home with their children, where most (including me) want to be.  Saves $$ on gas, wear and tear on your car, wardrobe expenses and gives you maximum flexibility with your time.  You are also available to help your family and others as needed throughout the day.

I sell a variety of items on Ebay where I am a PowerSeller and a  Top-Rated Seller.  I sell  primarily collectibles, china and  jewelry on Ebay although there are other categories as well.   Most of my book inventory is on  Amazon.   In January 2013 I closed my store after 4 years but will be listing a few items each week so I can take advantage of Ebay's 50 free auction listings a month.

UPDATE:  May 1, 2013--I  reopened my Ebay store.  You can visit it at the link below. It's smaller and more specialized now.


I have several tutorials re: internet sales posted on this blog.  Here are a few that you may find helpful.

Ebay itself also has a new step-by-step guide to selling HERE.

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