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Thursday, April 14, 2016

Walgreens Balance Rewards Points for Exercising

This seems to be a little-known secret.  Every single person I have mentioned this to has never heard of this.  I had not heard of it either until someone told me.

While you are exercising, walking, making great choices for your health, you can get Balance Rewards Points at Walgreens that equate into $$.  You just have to make sure that you have an app linked to the site and that you have a Balance Rewards Card at the store.  I link mine to My Fitness Pal.

Often when I go in to a Walgreens, I have $5.00+ in rewards... Even then, you have to ask the cashier if you have any points as they don't always tell you but your receipt would show it.  Your purchase cost must be more than the Balance Rewards to use them.

May as well save $$ while getting fit!!

I do not know if CVS has something similar since I do not shop there.

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