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Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Just take the next step: walking and high blood pressure

If you had seen my blood pressure reading at the end of October you would have been aghast.  It was 194/111    while waiting for a Pap smear (if that doesn't raise your blood pressure, I don't know what will).  I am now the proud owner of a blood pressure monitor which, by the way, every family should own.  I had no idea that I had dangerously high blood pressure.    My husband and I had just returned from a 7-day cruise in the tropics.  I literally could have had a stroke or heart attack!

My readings got lower over the next the week after that shock but my doctor advised drinking more water and a low dose blood pressure medicine for six months or so on the condition that I exercise one hour 5 days a week. One hour --that sounded impossible.  But it's very doable by walking 30 minutes in the early morning (I listen to the audio Bible) and 30 minutes in the late afternoon (I listen to music or walk with a friend).  I do this 3 days a week; I also go to the YMCA and do a weight circuit and a one-hour water aerobics class the other two days. 

This has resulted in the reading you see below which is a huge improvement for me and a weight loss of 10 pounds, even with Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year's holidays!

Every morning when I go out of the house to walk I just think about taking the next step towards good health. 30 minutes goes pretty fast when you have an  incentive (my mind had gone from high blood pressure to open-heart surgery!) 

I encourage everyone to walk for good health. In our Florida weather you're able to do this almost every day. If you have to walk indoors check out Leslie Sansone's Walk at Home on YouTube.    Younger people may enjoy the more high impact exercise programs that are out there.  

This is the year I turn 60 and I'd like it to be the beginning of very healthy for the rest of my life.  I encourage you to do the same.  

Psa. 119:105 Your word is a lamp to my feet and a light to my path. 


Kathy M. Ward said...

Praise God for the wake up call and wisdom to know what to do next. Happy 60th year in full health,

Mrs. T. said...

Definitely a wake up call! We had just returned from the tropics... I literally could have had a stroke!

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