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Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Cutting out the caffeine -- nutmeg, cinnamon or vanilla in your coffee

I have often put cinnamon in my coffee grounds for a little added flavor.  I've been advised by my doctor to not drink caffeine [see post about.   I'm too lazy to wash the coffee pot 2x and brew it again, so I drink Folger's instant decaf.    By adding a little cinnamon or better yet, NUTMEG, it tastes exactly the same as regular!   I made it extra special by picking up a jar of whole nutmeg balls and I grate (using my zester) a little bit of FRESH nutmeg each morning. The aroma is wonderful and it is delicious.

The next step?  Try flavoring your coffee, whichever kind you drink, by putting cinnamon, nutmeg or even liquid vanilla in  the grounds.   You'll love it!

1 comment:

Linda said...

Good for you following doctor's orders and finding a way to make it taste good too! Haven't ever seen whole nutmeg balls!

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