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Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Disney Cruise 2014: Navigator App

Disney Cruise:   Post #3

This handy phone app for iOS or Android is a handy tool.  Disney definitely thinks of everything.  Incredible the way that it only works on the ship's wifi free of charge, yet blocks other access out but its own.  The wifi network is pricey so we did not purchase it.  Plus, you're on vacation, so who wants to answer mail?

When opening your app on the ship though, most times as it refreshes, it would also refresh my Facebook and mail accounts during the 2-4 seconds it takes to open.  So I was generally able to see what was going on at home.     Don't count on this as I'm sure Disney will figure out sooner or later that this happens...

Be sure to download the app  BEFORE you leave home or you will need to purchase one of the internet packages in order to use it.

What's in it?  No need to reinvent the wheel, so take a look at THIS link to see the details.

OK, I'll tell you a few things that it has:
  • Deck plans (maps)
  • Menus at the restaurants
  • Show times for stage and screen
But really, click on the link to see everything that is has to offer.  :)

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