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Saturday, August 31, 2013

Beth Moore JAMES Study Week 6

James 5:4-16

Here are some things I found very helpful from the workbook this week:

Day 1
Where is the line between saving and hoarding?  ...I asked God if He was unhappy with our household over our relationship to finances or possessions.

Day 2
A person has hardly begun to have a real fight on her hands until she starts serving in her full-throttle giftedness and effectiveness... He (Job) became a target precisely because he did so many things  right...  How will we ever know what He's accomplished in us if He doesn't show us?

Day 3
Relationships, regardless of their appearance, can never be stronger than the bond of trust between them.

Day 4
A sense of anonymity makes agony insufferable. To hurt that badly and still go unnoticed can leave you feeling swallowed alive in a cold, black hole...To stay alive and to thrive, the branch must abide in the Vine.

Day 5
Prayer can prime the well of our souls to a bath of His beautiful presence.  It is often the most determining factor in whether, in our anguish, we sink or swim.

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