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Saturday, August 24, 2013

Beth Moore JAMES Study Week 5

James 4: 1-17

These are a few of the things that I highlighted in the workbook from this week's study:

Day 1
Only He can sort out the blur of our motives. Let's have the guts to ask him what's in our hearts and when He reveals it, die to the self-gratification and live for the greater glory.

Day 2
To have a warm, familiar attitude toward this evil world is to be on good terms with God's enemy....Friendship with God makes a person humble; friendship with the world makes a person proud. The former He graces. The latter He opposes.

Day 3 don't need to be the pitcher so many people in your sphere of influence look to for filing. Simply receive.

Day 4
We can go from a blessed awareness of expressing the image of God to playing God and not even feel the shift...Sometimes we catch ourselves in an act, thought or speech that belong to God alone.

Day 5
In the eternal scheme of things, He's only asking you to do this hard thing for a few minutes. You can be faithful.  It's not that long!

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