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Friday, February 15, 2013

P52 Sweet Shot Tuesday Week 7

I found this dead dragonfly on our porch last week and was throwing it out when I looked a little closer.  Normally you can't get this close to one while their wings are buzzing so quickly.  I was amazing how intricate the design on its wings were...

P52 Sweet Shot Tuesday fine lace...

I was also surprised when I turned it over, it looked like someone who had been laid to rest in a coffin with its little "hands" folded so delicately across the middle.

P52 Sweet Shot Tuesday

God certainly has such detail in His creation.

Isa 41:20 That they may see and recognize, 
And consider and gain insight as well, 
That the hand of the LORD has done this, 
And the Holy One of Israel has created it. 
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