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Saturday, January 5, 2013

Christmas Un- Decorating

Time to put it all away for another year. Had a family lunch here and we all took everything down together. Thankful for their help. It's always a bit sad to pack it all away (my husband gets real sentimental about it) but the house sure feels more open and tidy now!

 This is my P52 Sweet Shot Tuesday  2013 #1.
Un- Decorating for Christmas  Sweet Shot Tuesday


Kara said...

I love Christmas undecorating. It seems like a special time for me. My great aunt wrote a wonderful poem about it...farewell little Christmas tree you have made a memory.

Dee said...

just a reminder of what I need to do...I'm getting there, having help, should would make it easier though...Happy New year, just dropping by from P52

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