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Wednesday, October 3, 2012

How To Give Up Caffeine

I've been telling my friends lately that I "accidentally" gave up caffeine.  I really did not intend to do so but after a few weeks of substituting water in the mornings, I realized that I had.

I've enjoyed 1-2 cups of regular coffee in the mornings and usually one cup at night before bedtime for many, many years.  No, it has never kept me up at night and I love the taste.  Well, in an effort to be healthier I started drinking a large glass of water when I first get up, sometimes with lemon.  I prepare a glass with ice at night and put it on my bedside stand so that as soon as I arise, it's there waiting for me.  After drinking water regularly each morning I really did not feel like drinking coffee or even caffeinated tea (which my husband drinks every morning).

Avoiding Caffeine Water with Lemon

Later in the morning I'd still want a hot beverage, so I drank a cup or two of herb tea and found that very satisfying.  I had lots of it in boxes from Christmas.   By drinking the water I did not have headaches like I've experienced before when I had to skip the morning coffee for whatever reason and since the tea was a hot beverage I really didn't miss the coffee.

Avoiding Caffeine Herb Tea

I hate to waste anything and when I ran out of regular coffee, the only instant coffee on hand was decaf.  I really cannot tell the difference.  Some people can, however.   I'd been drinking decaf in the evenings for awhile and then one evening we had coffee at Panera with a friend. I had REGLAR coffee. Two cups of it.   I was awake ALL night long.  This has happened 3x  now and I finally realized that I have "accidentally" kicked the caffeine habit.  It's healthier for sure, no headaches, and no cravings.  Once in awhile I'll have a cup of the real thing but only in the morning now.

Try this method if you are inclined to quit drinking caffeine and see if it works for you.  :)

HERE are some myths and facts about consuming caffeine.

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