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Thursday, October 4, 2012

Healthy Eating : Steel Cut Oats

In my constant effort for good health I started eating steel cut oats for breakfast almost each morning.  I put a generous helping of cinnamon, slice up a fresh apple and add it to the cooking water.  Takes about 30 minutes to make a batch but that lasts for four days.   I bought these Quaker oats at Publix for about $5.00  but sometimes Aldi has them.  Next time I'll stock up on them when I see them there.  I think they were about $2.79. [Click HERE for more Aldi product reviews.]

Steel Cut Oats for Breakfast

When it cools, I slice the bowl of oats into four sections and scoop out a section for each breakfast.

Steel Cut Oats for Breakfast

I top the oats with a teaspoon of real honey and a few milk.  Less than 200 calories per serving.   I really love the taste and texture and it fills me up until lunch time.

Steel Cut Oats for Breakfast

Try this healthy breakfast for yourself and/or your family.

1 comment:

Linda said...

Thanks for the tip Tonya...will definitely try this as the weather cools down for Fall!

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