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Saturday, October 6, 2012

FlyLady Tip: Paper Clutter

I found this in my FlyLady newsletter.  Love her tips although the newsletters can get pretty long. I usually just skim them and thought this was a clever idea. Thank you, to Helen.
Here is a tip for safely getting rid of personal documents like bank statements and so on: Soak them! After a few hours in water they'll be unrecognizable. Then you drain the water off. Dump the mush in the bin, wrapped in something OR use that mush for paper-mache modlling. 
You can make a face-mask for Halloween by plastering it over a balloon. When it has dried, paint it to taste. There are lots more things to be made from paper-mache, and they can all be beautifully decorated. 

Not into crafts? Make paper bricks to burn on your fire. 

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