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Friday, October 5, 2012

Aldi Product Review : Q Tips Cotton Swabs

I try something new at Aldi just about every week and have posted many product reviews from there.   We were just about out of Q-Tips and I had seen them there on a previous shopping trip.  Bought this package for about $1.29.  The Q-Tip brand is about $3.00+.    These are exactly like them.  I don't like the flexible blue kind and there is usually not enough cotton on the ends on other brands.  These have flexible, sturdier white sticks with plenty of cotton.  375 per package.   These are just what I wanted and at a cheaper price.


Adam said...

Amen brother, I love this brand....but once I discovered Sam's Club....I found I can get like quadruple the quantity, for about the same price lol....and it's literally a year supply for me and my wife....haha.

MP said...

I bought the blue Aldi Q-tips and the cotton came off and went into my ear. I will never buy q-tips from Aldis again.

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