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Thursday, September 6, 2012

Family Finances & Budgeting: Using

I've been using for years to keep track of our spending.  It was very easy to set up an account and I like it for the most part, even better than Quicken online.  You must input your passwords and user names for the various accounts you own (bank, credit cards, loans, investments, etc.) but I've been told by a financial planner that it is as safe as your bank codes.  Everything is then in one place.   I've customized the categories for our family with my husband's regular job, a rental house and  three home businesses.  Did I mention that this online program is FREE?  And that it is Mac compatible?

I love the colorful graphs.  You can tell at a glance where the largest expenditures have been for a week, a month or a year or more.  Sometimes you just don't realize how much you are wasting.

Once a week when I do our finance paperwork, I double-check the transactions for the week to make sure they are in the correct categories.  If this is done properly, tax preparation is a breeze.

Every homemaker should know how to prepare and maintain a budget and keep track of the family's  expenditures.  Even if your husband prefers to take care of the finances for your household, you need to be able to do it as well.  it goes without saying for singles, too.  I have known and heard of too many wives whose husbands passed away  or became sick and/or disabled and they had no idea where they stood financially. In today's economy, this is really a necessity, for you and for your children. Teach your children how to maintain a budget from the time they get their first allowance, mow their first yard for $$ or babysit for pay.  They'll appreciate it more when they are older and out on their own. Mine already do.  :)

Proverbs 31:27 
She looks well to the ways of her household
And does not eat the bread of idleness. 

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