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Friday, September 7, 2012

Decluttering: Less Really IS More

Use What You Have Decorating.   I love that idea and consequently have a few books by Lauri Ward whose business is doing just that.  No need to buy much, if anything, although we all like to perk our homes up a bit with a few new things every season or so.

Sometimes it just takes moving or RE-moving one piece of furniture.  In our case, it was this traditional Bentwood rocker that we purchased just before our first son was born some 22+ years ago. I blogged about this previously when I gave it away over the summer.  Lots of fond memories in this chair with babies.  :)

The rocker above  used to occupy one corner in our living room where the other rocking chair sits now.

THAT rocking chair used to sit where the red arrow is in the photo below.

By moving the Bentwood rocker OUT of our family room above (and giving it away), the rest of the furniture fits SO much better and does not appear cluttered.  The room even seems larger to me now.

By moving the padded rocker into the living room, that room still retains a comfortable rocker for reading and for guests.    It can also be moved back into the family room if needed for extra seating.

Sometimes we make parting with a piece of furniture harder than it needs to be.  Just because it is a larger item to dispose of and we know how much we paid for it, it still may be time to say good-bye.  If it has fulfilled its purpose (mine was to rock our babies when they were small), it may be time to pass it on.   I passed this one on to a young woman moving into her first apartment.  Another step in decluttering one piece or room at a time.  :)

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