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Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Music for the Bereaved / Memorial Service for a Baby

Being a pianist, I am often asked to play for family events--weddings, holiday parties, funerals...

Last week one of our young couples at church suffered the loss of  their precious 9-month-old baby.  I had the honor of playing the piano for her memorial service.  I have played at many funerals / wakes / memorial services and I always take a lot of time choosing the music carefully so that the grieving family and their friends will be particularly soothed and calmed.  I try to play the songs as they might be sung, so that if the words are known (and most are), those thoughts will be going through the minds of those who listen.  Here are my selections from this recent service.   Clicking on each song will take you to the link with its lyrics and/or music.

Near To the Heart of God
Thou, O Lord, Art a Shield About Me
I Look to The Shepherd
Jesus Loves Me
It is Well With My Soul

Congregational Singing (songs chosen by the parents)
Jesus, Lover of My Soul
Lord, I Give You My Heart
It Is Well With My Soul

In Christ Alone

If you are asked to choose music for  a service of this type, consider using one of these pieces or something equally soothing and uplifting.

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