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Thursday, May 17, 2012

Microfiber Cleaning Cloths and Mop

A rag is a rag is a rag, right? Well, I've been testing these newer microfiber cleaning cloths to see if there is a difference from cotton rags. I got these this week at Old Time Pottery along with 4 bright green microfiber dish cloths. $8.50 total for 7 colorful cloths.  A bit pricey for me for rags but if it makes housework (dusting, wiping, cleaning mirrors, etc. ) easier  I'll give them a try.   I imagine they are sold at Williams - Sonoma or Restoration Hardware but  probably at about $20+ a package.   You can also get them on Amazon.

FlyLady recommends her purple rags which cost a bit more + shipping. These I bought will have to do.

I have used them for almost a week now and REALLY like them.  They work just like the Mr. Clean Eraser which I think is an excellent product.  It must be made of microfiber, too.  The only problem with that is that if you get it too wet, it falls apart.  I used to keep one in the shower but it was ruined after only a week or so.   I would anticipate that I'll be using these cloths for a LONG time.

They clean mirrors without lint, hand prints from around the house, kitchen gunk, dust... you name it and so far, they seem to work on everything quite well.   I tend to use spray cleaner for disinfecting in the kitchen and bathrooms but these certainly clean dirt well with only water.  I'll be experimenting to discover everything they clean.  I'm SOLD.

I should have known I would like them since I love my microfiber squeeze mop from Real Simple. It was less than $10.00 when I bought it.  I've had it for years and it really makes mopping our tile floors so easy that I do it much more than I used to. The floor dries quickly which I really appreciate since I'm so cautious about slipping on water on the tile. I typically use it all week--I mop the kitchen and bathrooms 2-3x a week generally.  Once a week I spray the mop end with Windex, detach it from the handle and throw it into the wash with the towels.  I've had a replacement head for ages but have not had to use it yet. I bought mine at Target.

These are  excellent products which I highly recommend.  You'll love them.

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