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Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Memorial Day / Afternoon Snacks

We all love hamburgers, fries, corn on the cob, baked beans and watermelon.  Many I'm sure ate all of those yummy foods on Memorial Day or sometime over the holiday weekend.  We usually eat our main meal on that day at lunchtime. So what do you do when dinnertime rolls around?  You could eat the same again (like at Thanksgiving) or just have a "snack" dinner like we did last night.  Except for the blueberry coffee cake, it was a healthy calorie count and the variety tasted great!  [The items in red are from Aldi.]

Roasted pepper and tomato soup   (100 calories)

Celery sticks with artichoke hummus  (23 calories)

Fresh cherries  (97 calories)

"Triscuits" with Colby cheese  (230 calories)

Homemade blueberry coffee cake  (117 calories)

561 calories sounds like a lot but I exercised that morning and burned 400+ calories since I knew I'd be eating a lot of foods I don't normally eat (hamburger, fries...).  Having half of the crackers and cheese and omitting the coffee  cake  would have been a more reasonable amount of calories for a snack meal but it was a "fun" food day. :) Even so, I didn't exceed the amount of foods/calories on my Lose It! app.  :)

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