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Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Merry Christmas! God Bless Us Every One!

These last couple of weeks have really been busy for me -- both personally and in my Ebay store--hence, very little time for blogging. People are shopping like crazy and  I've been shipping packages almost every day.

I baked bread for my neighbor gifts again this week and learned how to make clover rolls as well.   My bread baking as a homemade gift was even mentioned in one of my favorite blogs last week.  :) 

I was again a volunteer pianist  in one of our local hospitals during December.

Our home is decorated, Christmas gifts purchased and almost all of them wrapped and under the tree, food shopping will be done on Friday.     Our older college age son is staying with us for a few days which we love.  We have annual traditions such as Christmas Eve pizza, shaped sugar cookies and church together.   Christmas Day will bring fresh cinnamon rolls, praying together, opening gifts, a special meal (my  husband is grilling this year), and a movie that afternoon  or evening.    We have out of town relatives coming to visit on Dec. 26 (including some little ones!)  so that will be a treat as well.  It's such fun to experience Christmas with little children.  :)

Today I had a  mammogram and sonogram to check out a suspicious spot on one of my breasts and both turned out to be CLEAN.  Praise God--a special Christmas gift indeed.   That shadow had been hanging over us for a few weeks, so we are truly rejoicing with exceeding great joy at the mercy of God in this good news.

Here are a few photos from our holiday activities with friends and family, mostly low-key this year:

For my friends on Facebook, check out my notes for our annual Christmas letter.  Cards are going out AFTER Christmas this year since our family photo is being taken over the weekend.  This is last year's...

May your Christmas celebrations center on Jesus who was born this day in the city of David so long ago to save us from our sin.  He is the best Gift of all.    [Luke 2]

Merry Christmas!

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Have You Heard of Earthing?

I love learning about new things, particularly as they relate to our health and spiritual lives, as well as practical information.  Last Sunday a couple of women were talking about "earthing".  This was a new term to me and I asked what it was.  One of the women gave me a crash course and suggested that I research it at the website of the same name which I did even that afternoon since it was so intriguing.

In a nutshell, from the site:
Earthing is about “grounding” your body to naturally discharge inflammation, pain and stress. It’s simple and it’s free. All you have to do is place your bare feet directly on the earth...

The site offers a free excerpt from the book which you can read HERE or listen HERE.   Very interesting reading but it may sound a bit "New Age-y" to you i.e. Feng Shui, which is also based on electromagnetic paths of energy.  The book uses the term "grounding" as when you have the three-pronged plug on your expensive appliances and computers to protect them from electrical charges that may occur in everyday life.    I know myself, that I, for some reason, am particularly sensitive to electromagnetic equipment and have had to purchase diodes to help with this.   [I have an extra diode in my Ebay store if you are interested in purchasing one.]  One of my sons seems to have this same sensitivity, yet my husband and other son do not.  I have no idea why... maybe they just don't notice it.

Anyway, I've been doing the earthing activity that is suggested--sitting outside with your bare feet on the ground for 20+ minutes for the last four days.  It's actually quite pleasant and I enjoy reading the Bible outside in the fresh air.

I did not feel "bad" before I started but I do feel better overall than I did.  I had had a lot of stress over the weekend and after just one day of the 30-minute outdoor/bare feet time, really did not notice the stress any longer.   We all know that fresh air and outside activities make us feel good anyway, so I am a little skeptical as you may be also.   I have noticed MORE sensitivity to electrical things when I touch them since doing my "exercise" began, and I'm not sure why that is.   Anyway, I'm my own guinea pig for a few more days before I check out any of the products that Earthing offers.  The research sounds reasonable and since I know my own body well enough to notice a difference, maybe it is a good thing--for me.  Check it out.  It may not be for everyone though, as THIS interesting article says...

UPDATE 4.29.12:  I decided to go ahead an purchase the half sheet and floor mat set.  Here is a photo of it on our bed so we both can use it.

Genesis 1:31 
And God saw all that He had made, and behold, it was very good. 

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Christmas Blues? Try Serving or Helping Others

I can't remember when I have had the winter / Christmas blues.  This past weekend I definitely did due to some stressful situations totally out of my control.  My husband was away for two days and  I was getting anxious about something that hadn't even happened yet!  Our imaginations can be a bad thing sometimes.  I was moping around a bit on Friday and a little on Saturday morning.  I had already committed myself to play the piano at one of our local hospitals over the holidays, so I got out the Christmas music on Saturday and played for about 30 minutes at home, then went on down to the hospital.  Thankfully, it's close to our home and since I had done this last year, I was already signed up and had my Volunteer badge / ID card.

What a difference playing and serving others made in my attitude!  I was so glad that I went.  I played for more than an hour, met some interesting people, cheered up more than a few and "warmed the heart" of at least one employee working in the lobby.   Now, I can't wait to go back next week  and play a few more times up through Christmas Eve/Day.

Next time you're in a slump, try reaching out to someone else and cheering them up.  There are many over the holidays who might need a friend, some conversation and a little company.  I know that I would hate to be in the hospital over the holidays, so again, I'm so glad that I am offering my gift of music to others  this Christmas season.  Who knows?  The familiar traditional Christmas carols may be the only "gospel" some hear this holiday time.  Most people know the words from memory, particularly the older ones, and it may become new to them for the first time in their time of need (loved ones in the hospital).  I pray that it does and that I can bless many in this way.

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