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Saturday, June 16, 2012

Menu Planning / Paperback Swap

Last week's dinner menus:
  • Sunday--Stromboli (homemade dough + L.O. roast chicken, banana peppers & cheese), chips, strawberries
  • Monday--leftover Lasagne from the freezer, salad, grapes
  • Tuesday--Ham, rice, black-eyed peas, blueberry muffins, broccoli
  • Wednesday--Pizza and salad
  • Thursday--Baked Fresh Fish (tilapia),  L.O. ham and  peas, fresh green beans, fruit
  • Friday-- dinner out with friends
  • Saturday--Baked shrimp, macaroni and cheese, asparagus, strawberries



A friend told me recently about a book "club" called Paperback Swap.  Membership is free.  You just register and after posting 10 books you get two (2) credits to shop.  The way it works is that you send your book(s) to whomever requests them paying Media Mail postage (by far the cheapest way to mail anything).  The courtesy is extended to you when you request a book as well.    If you are interested in joining this site,  just click on the PAPERBACK SWAP icon in the lefthand sidebar of this blog.

When I signed up I  immediately listed 14 books that were just setting around, too inexpensive to sell, yet popular books.  Eight were "ordered" almost immediately.   After reading those, I relist them and the process starts all over again.  It's great for finding books that you want to read that are current (or not) and you need to keep them more than the library will allow.  You can even start a wish list and when the book is listed, it will be shipped to you, depending on how far down the waiting list you are.   If you're a big novel / fiction reader, this is a gold mine and a lot cheaper than buying new books.  Once you've read a fiction book, just post it on Paperback Swap and exchange it for something else.  Very simple.

I always make "like new" as a requestor condition and have given many books away as gifts by doing this.  I currently have about 21 credits, stocking up for birthday and holiday gifts ahead of time.

I received a real treasure (to me, at least) that I ordered from PBSwap the other day--a book from my childhood that honestly, I have been looking for YEARS to find that didn't cost $50+.  The title?  Uncle Arthur's Bedtime Stories (volume 1).  I had hoped for a hardcover edition but in glancing through it, it is exactly the same as I had received when I was about 7-8 years old from a dear great-aunt who had passed away.   She was very special to me even though I never actually saw her more than a few times in my lifetime but we used to exchange letters often while she was alive.  I know she prayed for me regularly as long as she lived.   I was able to visit her  on a trip to Dallas just before she died so she would know that her prayers were answered .  I used to read the stories in this little book over and over again when I was very young.  A little piece of my childhood, relatively free from PB Swap.    I hope to sit down and read through it this week. Maybe I'll have some milk and cookies while curling up in a cozy chair.  :)

***A friend just reminded me that they also have a CD swap and  DVD swap as well.  I have swapped a couple of CDs but no DVDs.

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